Do you ever outsource your work?
No! We do all of our own translations. Rest assured that your work will not change hands!

Do you translate in both pairs of languages (Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese)?
Yes. Work is done in both English/Brazilian Portuguese and Brazilian Português/English – with equal levels of competency and fluency.

Will you meet my deadline?
We haven’t missed one yet! Our references speak for themselves. Once we have agreed on a date, after reviewing your project, your deadline will be met. You will also received updates on the progress of your file, to put your mind at ease – after all – we could be across the world from each other!

Any advice that you can offer to translation buyers?
Absolutely. The most important advice is that once you find a translator that meets your requirements, stick with that person.

Partnership between a translator and client/company is vital. This allows the translator to become comfortable and familiar with your Company’s style, unique terminology and message.

This will maintain uniformity and consistency in your Company literature. Reduce inconsistencies.

Also, your translator will be able to provide you with better pricing if there is a commitment to continued work.

What other services does Decode offer?
Good question! We also provide the following services; consecutive interpreting, telephone interpreting, video narration, transcription, Portuguese language oral proficiency exams and a vast array of other specific services depending on the demands of our clients.

If it involves Brazil/U.S. relations – we do it!

What subject area do you work in?
Our language expertise is very specific and focused – we deal with Brazil/U.S. Relations – but our subject matters are endless. . .

  • Military/Defense
  • Business/Commerce/Finance/Banking
  • HR
  • Marketing/Advertising/Communications
  • Hospitality/Tourism/Travel/Entertainment
  • Ecology/Environment
  • Legal/Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Internet/E-Commerce
  • General/Conversation/Greetings/Letters
  • Document Types: Articles, annual reports, press releases, websites, contracts and agreements, advertisements, corporate brochures, proposals, presentations, company literature, manuals, standard operating procedures, user guides, etc